CommsWire - 12 July 2017

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Australian mobile users hit with $20 million in ‘unexpected’ charges
Australian mobile phone users are estimated to have collectively been charged as much as $20 million in the last six months for third-party charges on their phones for purchases they didn’t even realise they were being stung for, according to a new report from telecoms consumer advocacy group the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.

Expert says NBN Co 'misleading' public on FttP cost
The company building Australia's national broadband network has misled people on the cost of providing fibre-to-the-premises, according to a senior academic who was intimately involved with the project.

Second suitor casts hat in the ring for Vocus
Australia's fourth largest telecommunications company Vocus Communications has received a second acquisition bid, from Asian private equity firm Affinity Equity Partners.

Stewart takes the chair at ‘disruptive IoT startup’ Pycom
Respected communications entrepreneur, David Stewart, continues his stunningly successful journey of achievement and leadership by becoming Pycom’s new chairman.

Vodafone more than a little proud of new regional QLD 4G coverage
Vodafone has switched on a new mobile site at Kumbia near Kingaroy in regional QLD, with another site near Boyneside set to follow “in the coming months.”

Ericsson: network services for massive IoT sees launch
Packaging a “broad range of radio network services together to enable operators to smoothly introduce Internet of Things applications on their networks” as well as new IoT software features, Ericsson is going massive.