CommsWire - 13 July 2017

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In-flight Wi-Fi to dominate ‘half of commercial aircraft’ by 2022
Despite some government concerns over the safety of BYO laptops, tablets and phones on planes, Juniper forecasts a big jump in various commercial planes with net-connected Wi-Fi for customers.

Amaysim seeks mobile value supremacy with SIM only plans up to 14GB
Competition is smoking hot in the prepaid mobile telco space, with unlimited talk, text and generous data pioneer Amaysim unveiling new plans with up to 14GB of data.

Basware renews Vocus agreement for Australia, NZ
Finland-based purchase-to-pay solutions provider Basware has signed an agreement for the renewal of purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing services with Vocus in Australia and New Zealand. 

ATO worker puts mobile hacking details on LinkedIn
An employee of the Australian Tax Office has published information obtained from the Israeli firm Cellebrite online, detailing ways of breaking into mobile phones.

NordVPN will fight Chinese Government VPN Feb 2018 crackdown
Recent moves by China to more firmly crack down on VPNs has seen a decree that VPNs must fully barred by Feb 2018, but NordVPN will fight the move.

Let's cut the smiling NBN envoy Fifield some slack
COMMENT: No matter which side of the debate you are on as far as the national broadband network is concerned, spare a thought for Mitch Fifield. The communications minister has to go out day after day, defending a failing project which he has, in no way, influenced.