CommsWire - 17 July 2017

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Australian laws aim to force decryption to fight crime
Australia has announced that it will promulgate laws to force companies like Google and Facebook to decrypt messages sent by suspected terrorists and other criminals.

Encryption laws: wishful thinking at its best
It is one thing to stand before a podium, as Moses did on the mount, and promulgate laws. It is quite another thing to put those laws into effect, especially when they cover encryption.

Telstra challenges competitors with post-paid casual plans
Telstra hasn’t shouted its new casual, month-to-month post-paid plans from the rooftops, but they can be found online - and worth more than a casual glance. Here's why.

WaterGroup seals 5-year agreement with Thinxtra
Australian smart water meter company WaterGroup has inked a five-year partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) provider Thinxtra in a deal which will enable large water users to detect water leaks and avoid loss of millions of litres of water.

Commonwealth Games 2018: Cisco goes for gold on Gold Coast
Cisco is celebrating two decades of international sporting games support as it takes on technology for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

Vault 7: Latest release is an Android SMS intercept tool
WikiLeaks has released details of a CIA project called HighRise as part of its ongoing Vault 7 document dump, with the application in question being for Android exploitation.