CommsWire - 31 July 2017

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ECONOMUSE: The blame game - cutting the gordian knot
Vodafone Hutchison Australia?s solution does not cut it.

Australians still hang on to their landlines
In the era of mobile phones and smartphones many Australians still find it difficult to give up their trusty landline phone services, with a new survey revealing that 55% still have a landline phone.

Consumers must check before connecting to NBN: Morrow
NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow has put the onus for slow speeds on consumers, telling ABC interviewers this morning that people needed to find out what speed tier they were on before complaining that they were getting slower speeds than their former ADSL connections.

Telstra teams up in partnership with Google Home
Uh-oh, we?re not in Kansas anymore, but a magical place where you voice can control your home, with Telstra and Google working closely together.

VHA delivers new coverage in Tamworth surrounds
Vodafone Hutchison Australia has delivered expanded 4G coverage in Westdale as part of a $5.3 million investment to build 15 new sites in the New England region this year.

Dubber integrates call recording solution with UK?s Redcentric platform
Australian call recording service provider Dubber has inked an agreement with UK managed services provider Redcentric Solutions to provide its Call Recording Platform as a Service (PaaS) as a "white labelled" offering.