CommsWire - 8 August 2017

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NBN: Making telcos buy more of little use, say experts
Networking veterans have cast doubts on assertions made today that the speed woes experienced by customers on the national broadband network could be eradicated if telecommunications companies paid $9.75 per month for each connection.

ACMA: Australian children tune into multiple screens across multiple platforms
The latest ACMA research shows kids watching less broadcast TV, but are using more streaming to do so, and while tablets and phones are viewing platforms, the TV is still the most popular way to watch.

Money for nothing: for Rupe and Telstra it’s free
COMMENT: When Dire Straits legend Mark Knopfler penned his record-breaking song Money for Nothing, he never visualised that such a situation would actually happen in real life. But it has, in Australia in 2017.

Malicious cloud content increasingly arriving on secure connections
Cloud security company Zscaler claims that the amount of malicious content being transmitted over SSL/TLS has more than doubled over the last six months.

4G LTE Apple Watch Series 3 due ‘later this year’
long-awaited Apple Watch that can operate independently of an iPhone, while presumably still pairing beautifully with one, is due this year, according to a new report.

Govt must carry the can for NBN woes says Budde
Veteran independent telecommunications commentator Paul Budde claims that government policy, not the NBN Co or retail service providers, is to blame for the fiasco that the national broadband network rollout has become.