CommsWire - 10 August 2017

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ECONOMUSE: Price rebalancing to make the NBN affordable
The debate about NBN Co technology choices should be buried. It is not the lack of fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) that is holding us back. It is what you do with whatever you have. It is the current business model relying on CVCs that is not working, as some are belatedly realising. 

Aussie telco complaints are up to 9 per 10,000 Q2 2017
Rising from 8.4 in the first quarter of calendar 2017 to 9.0 per 10,000 in the second quarter, telco complaints are up.

Small ISPs needed to shake up congealed market
One word that cannot be used to describe Nicholas Demos is bashful. The head of the small ISP MyRepublic has made a splash after his arrival in Australia last November, with media tactics that tend to remind one of those employed by Ruslan Kogan, the head of online retailer

Contention ratios 'will help NBN users choose right ISP'
The chief architect behind TransACT has suggested that if NBN Co were to make contention ratios available to consumers, it would help them choose retail service providers who could supply the speeds they sought.

Dubber secures AT&T contract
Australian-listed call recording provider Dubber is partnering with US-based telco AT&T to provide its cloud call and communication capture solution for the AT&T collaboration service.

HBO hackers threaten to leak more files unless ransom paid
A week after news of a leak of material from the cable network HBO broke, the people allegedly behind it have contacted the network demanding money and threatening to release more material which they pilfered.