CommsWire - 6 September 2017

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Mobile provider OVO bids to provide an NBN alternative
Australia's mobile Internet speeds are among the best in the world. But the one thing that prevents people depending on mobile accounts for their Internet use is data quotas. Mobile provider OVO believes it can remedy this.

Norwood partners with WA?s RAC Travel on world phone launch
Australian-listed telecommunications services company Norwood Systems has launched World Phone Packages designed specifically for the needs of members and customers of RAC Travel.

Sky and Space claims ?world first? phone call using nano-satellite technology
Australian listed satellite communications company Sky and Space Global says it has successfully conducted the first ever phone call facilitated by its 3 Diamonds nano-satellite technology using a standard smartphone and its own proprietary hardware and application.

Vodafone ready with 16 new ReadyApps for SME customers
Extending its SME offering with new ReadyApps, Vodafone says it?s offering ?Personalised service, flexible plans and total communications solutions for Australian small businesses.?
Telstra appoints Vicki Brady as Kevin Russell departs
Telstra has appointed Vicki Brady, a former Singtel Optus executive, as group executive consumer and small business, following the sudden departure from the telco and the role by Kevin Russell.