CommsWire - 11 September 2017

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Rural telco lobby group welcomes move to pass broadband reforms
The telecommunications lobby group, Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition, has welcomed the decision by a Senate committee to recommend passage of the Telecommunications Reform Package.

NBN Co hauls fibre across Australia's second-longest bridge
The NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's national broadband network, claims to have provided a fast broadband access network to 12,000 premises in north-east Brisbane after hauling a fibre cable across the second-longest bridge in the country.

Google Fibre cuts woman's Internet service over 12 cents
A woman who lives in Kansas City had her Internet service with Google Fibre — a division of Alphabet, the parent company of the search engine — cut over a matter of 12 cents last month.

Huawei passed Apple in June, July 2017 for No.2 largest smartphone brand
Major Chinese technology challenger Huawei was rewarded for its efforts in June and July 2017 by surpassing Apple to take No.2 smartphone sales spot, but can the position be kept in the face of 2017 iPhones?

5G use cases demonstrated by SoftBank and Huawei
With 5G promising “ultra-high throughput, ultra-low latency transmission, and edge computing”, Huawei and Softbank’s 5G use cases including real-time UHD video, robotic arm control and more.