CommsWire - 19 September 2017

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Networking team to deliver live satellite streaming for solar race
Newtec, Network Innovations, VRT Sandbox and Pacific Live Media have teamed to deliver live satellite streaming globally for Australia's Solar Car World Challenge.

Dubber raises $7 million to fund expansion plans
Australian-listed call recording platform provider Dubber is topping up its coffers with the completion of a $7 million capital raising.

Google deletes Android back-ups without warning
Google will delete back-ups of Android devices, after warning users who have not used their devices for two weeks and without telling them how long it will take before the back-ups are removed.

Check your 32-bit apps now before iOS 11
Apple's iOS 11 comes out this week but with it, you may find many of your apps disappear. Here's how to prepare.

Qualcomm CEO: 5G phones on shelves in 2019, not 2020
In an interview in Frankfurt, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said to expect real 5G devices on retail shelves in 2019, at least a year ahead of schedule.