CommsWire - 9 October 2017

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Privacy groups slam COAG over face recognition database
Major privacy organisations in Australia have condemned the decision by the Council of Australian Governments to agree to hand over drivers' licence photos for the creation of a national facial recognition database.

Greens say facial recognition first step to a police state
The decision to create a national facial recognition database system in Australia is a giant step by the Labor and Liberal parties down an Orwellian path of Big Brother surveillance and ultimately towards a surveillance and police state, Greens Justice spokesperson Senator Nick McKim claims.

Game of phones: Apple seems likely to prevail over Google
With the arrival of its new Pixel phone this week — along with a host of other devices — Google appears to have thrown down the gauntlet to Apple in what some say is a fight for the top spot in the mobile space.

Broadband Forum to host two Gfast and NG-PON2 events
Operators, vendors and analysts are set to discuss the latest developments in Gfast and NG-PON2 technologies in Berlin and Las Vegas at the end of this month. 

5G design site opened in Austin, Texas by Ericsson
People may want to keep Austin “wired” but Ericsson plans to keep Austin unwired through a recently opened 5G design site, with 80 designers to be employed by mid-2018.