CommsWire - 6 November 2017

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Laying of southern portion of Hawaiki cable set to start
The laying of the southern portion of the 15000km Hawaiki cable system from Sydney and then across the Pacific Ocean is poised to get underway, with more than 6500km of undersea fibre-optic cable on board the TE Subcom cable ship Responder berthed in the harbour city.

Tech experts propose temporary fix for NBN mess
Two technology experts have proposed a solution to the current NBN mess, whereby customers would pay about the same as they currently do but avoid the congestion and speed issues that have led to a massive rise in the number of complaints.

NBN Co announces new team to focus on Australian small businesses
Hot on the heels of ACCC investigations into the NBN and the market, NBN Co has announced new initiatives for improving customer service for small businesses and the accelerated launch of NBN Co's wholesale enterprise product.

Superloop acquires Wi-Fi services provider for $12m
Networking and infrastructure group Superloop has signed an agreement to buy managed connectivity services provider GX2 Holdings for $6 million in cash plus $4 million in Superloop shares and a further deferred consideration of $2 million.

New Chair appointed to ICANN, Disspain gets vice chair
The global body governing domain registrations, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has appointed a new leadership team headed by newly elected Chair Cherine Chalaby.