CommsWire - 14 November 2017

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Deutsche Telekom CTO: FTTP goal meant lots of FTTN in Germany
Deutsche Telekom's CTO, Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, speaking at the NBN Global Broadband Futures conference in Sydney stated the giant telco’s vision in 2012 was fibre for all by 2018, but the reality since that time has meant a lot of FTTN.

Perth and Darwin granted $11 million smart cities funding
The Australian government has announced that Darwin will receive $5 million for a project to install CCTV cameras, smart street lighting and a public Wi-Fi system, and six projects in Western Australia were announced totalling a further $6 million.

MNF connects Office 365 to PSTN
MNF Group's new MNF Enterprise brand has announced a service that enables external calling from Office 365.

eftpos launches Android Pay for almost 2m ANZ and Cuscal customers
eftpos payments are now available on Android Pay, with ANZ and Cuscal being "the first Australian financial institutions to make the service available to eftpos-only cardholders." 

Huawei selects its 24 'Seeds for the Future' for 2017
Huawei's flagship global CSR (corporate social responsibility) program is called 'Seeds for the Future,' taking top students to China for a three-week work experience program, and the 2017 list has been announced.