CommsWire - 4 December 2017

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ACCC chief fires broadside at telcos over Internet speed ads
The ACCC, has lambasted the telecommunications industry for continuing to advertise Internet plans using what it calls “unhelpful speed ranges”, and referencing off-peak speeds, or failing to provide consumers with any information about the speed of their services during busy hours.

ACCC has consumer protections under scrutiny with Telstra NBN migration plan
The ACCC, is scrutinising proposed changes to Telstra’s NBN migration plan to assess whether they offer adequate protections for customers to maintain access to the services delivered by the National Broadband Network, as part of the industry and public consultation process.

Vodafone NBN: now available in 5 cities
Claiming to be "changing the broadband game with Instant Connect and 4G back-up", Telstra actually did it first on Valentine's Day this year, but Vodafone's solution is now available in five cities, at last.

Jobs kept in Australia with opening of new ops centre, says Macquarie Telecom
Macquarie Telecom is opening a new network operations centre (NOC) in Sydney in a move which the company says will “rescue’ at least 13 jobs which would have been moved offshore by a third-party provider.

Telstra lowers FY18 forecasts due to NBN HFC delay
Telstra has lowered its earnings forecasts for the next financial year, FY18, following the NBN Co's announcement on Monday that it would be delaying HFC connections by anything from six to nine months.