CommsWire - 7 December 2017

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TPG, City of Adelaide to partner on 10Gbps network rollout
While the NBN providers struggle to deliver 100Mbps to premium users, the City of Adelaide is partnering with TPG Telecom in a project to deliver a 10 Gigabit fibre-optic data network.

Spark 4.5G rollout continues apace with latest site going live in Taupō
New Zealand’s largest telco Spark has now enabled 30 sites around the country with 4.5G mobile services with the switching on of three new sites across the north island town of Taupō.

Huawei routers dominate new 100,000-device botnet
Two Huawei router models comprise about 90% of the devices that are part of a 100,000-strong botnet using an advanced new strain of the Mirai malware which targets online consumer devices.

Bill to penalise sexting without consent introduced
The Australian Government introduced a bill in parliament yesterday to impose penalties on those who share intimate images without consent, which has become a common practice online and over mobile phones.

Most Australian retailers plan online Amazon sales in 2018: claim
A survey of retailers released on the day online giant Amazon made its Australian debut claims that 95% of Australian online retailers plan to sell using the company's Australian platform in the next 12 months.