CommsWire - 21 December 2017

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Video streaming threatens mobile network performances: Telstra
There is an emerging threat to the performance of mobile networks with the risk that peak demand from the video streaming explosion might swamp network cell capacity, according to a senior Telstra executive.

Govt says new USG will improve regional telecoms services
The Federal Government has announced a programme of work to implement a new Universal Service Guarantee, which it says will ensure all Australians have access to voice and broadband services, regardless of where they live.

TPG to compensate 8000 users over slow NBN speeds
TPG has become the third ISP to agree to pay compensation to customers who have been misled about the speeds offered on certain NBN plans. In TPG's case, the number who will be compensated is about 8000.

NBN Co has done well in making rentals NBN-ready: claim
Despite all the hiccups, both private and public, which it has had this year, NBN Co seems to have performed well when it comes to making rental properties NBN-ready, it is claimed.

NZ consumer complaints over telco industry service quality on the rise
The Commerce Commission of New Zealand has revealed increasing concern over service quality and the growing number of consumer complaints about retail telecommunications in the country.