CommsWire - 8 February 2018

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30% to abandon NBN for wireless: ALP report claim
A new ACCC co-funded survey has been cited by the Australian Labor Party as showing that 30% of households could abandon the NBN and switch to wireless broadband. The number stands in in stark contrast to NBN Co projections.

1 billion smartphones to feature facial recognition in 2020
The latest research expects plenty more handsets featuring facial recognition in 2018 alone, with the figure to grow to over a billion smartphones by 2020. The research comes to light just as a facial recognition bill has been introduced into the Australian Parliament.

Snubbed by US, Huawei turns to Britain
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has announced a new promise of procurement with the UK worth ?3 billion.

Verizon did 5G testing behind the scenes at Super Bowl LII
Verizon has tested an "in-stadium pre-commercial 5G network connection to demonstrate how massive speed and bandwidth can bring live video and virtual reality experiences to new levels".

NEC progresses on network control tech for self-driving vehicles
Giant Japanese IT services company NEC says it has developed an adaptive network control technology that allows automobiles to share information about their surroundings in real-time.