CommsWire - 12 February 2018

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SMBs lack confidence in delivery of NBN within two years
Australian small businesses are not confident in the Government?s ability to deliver the national broadband network within the next two years and are worried about slow Internet speeds, according to a new independent survey.

Only 50% of small businesses have a website: Telstra
Telstra's 2018 Small Business Intelligence Report, unveiled during the launch of the 2018 Telstra Business Awards last week, shows that "digital is widening the gap between small businesses and potential customers".

SSL encrypted threats rose by a third in 2H 2017: claim
Cloud security firm Zscaler claims there has been an increase of 30% in SSL encrypted threats in the last six months of 2017, in keeping with the growth in SSL traffic. The statistics relate only to traffic passing through its own infrastructure.

Ericsson completes 5G Platform for operators for Q4 2018 launch
Ericsson's 5G Platform with "new solutions for the radio and core network" has been finalised, with its "Distributed Cloud offering" evolved to "optimise applications across multiple sites, improving latency, security, and resilience of 5G-enabled use cases."

Nokia, Qualcomm 'complete key foundation tests of 5G New Radio network and devices'
Nokia and Qualcomm have completed "successful interoperability and over-the-air testing compliant with the 5G New Radio (NR) specification between network infrastructure and devices."