CommsWire - 9 May 2018

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Telstra, Intel, Ericsson unveil 5G esports future
Telstra, Intel and Ericsson have combined to unveil esports professional gaming experiences over 5G, designed to showcase the power of 5G?s ultra-low latency that professional and amateur gamers can expect in the future.   

Broad deployment of 5G expected only by 2020: Intel expert
Mobile operators have plans to roll out 5G phones next year but the industry expects broad deployments among consumers to take place only in 2020, according a senior Intel official who is involved in 5G.

D-Link has home Wi-Fi covered with Covr
If you're sick of a mash-mash of Wi-Fi routers and extenders in your home not properly giving you whole-house Wi-Fi, then D-Link's new Covr Seamless Wi-Fi mesh networking system promises "seamless coverage to the furthest reaches of any home".

Smartphone shoppers altering retail reality globally
Smartphone shopping appears to be the new norm, with 69% of AR and VR users thinking AR/VR tech will "give smartphones the benefits of physical stores within three years" as smartphone shopping gets set to peak globally over that time frame.

RingCentral expands in APAC with new Australian office
US-based cloud communications and collaboration solutions vendor RingCentral is expanding in the Asia Pacific region with the establishment of a new office in Australia.