CommsWire - 11 May 2018

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Uncle Sam may decide what brand of smartphone you buy next
One of the biggest telecommunications players in the world, China's ZTE, has been effectively shut down by a US ban and the ripple effects mean that Uncle Sam may well decide the brand of the next smartphone you buy.

Cisco to pull YouTube ads over fears of unsuitable placement
Networking gear manufacturer Cisco is pulling all its advertisements from Google's YouTube video site, because it feared that they would appear on unsuitable content, according to a blog post that has now been removed.

Telstra secures live mobile rights for Football Federation matches
Telstra has sealed a long-term mobile rights and sponsorship agreement with Football Federation Australia (FFA), which includes a sub-licensing agreement with Fox Sports.

OPPO opens first "Australian Customer Service Centre" in Sydney
Youth-focused "cameraphone manufacturer" Oppo, which is a fancy way of saying smartphone, has opened a service centre for same-day, walk-in, send-in and/or send-back repair services, and it looks pretty good!

Equinix expands ECX Fabric capabilities to Melbourne, Sydney
Data centre company Equinix is extending its Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric) capabilities to Melbourne and Sydney. The move follows the recent expansion of the capabilities into Jap