CommsWire - 30 May 2018

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Timing of Optus job cuts shows 'contempt' for workers: union
The union that covers telecommunications workers claims the sacking of 400 more workers at Singtel Optus shows the "reprehensible contempt" that management has for the workforce.

Optus announces support for Virgin Mobile customers
Optus has announced a range of options and support for Virgin Mobile customers using its network, offering specially tailored plans for those choosing to stay on the Optus network after Virgin Mobile closes its doors in Australia.

Huawei drops support for other bootloaders on its phones
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies has ended support for alternative bootloaders on its smartphones, with the company saying support had ended on 25 May.

NBN Co accountability pledge by Labor if it regains power
The Australian Labor Party has pledged to make NBN Co, the company rolling out the national broadband network, more accountable to consumers if it gets back into power at the next federal election.

Most global fixed broadband subscriptions are fibre and cable
Fibre and cable networks are "dominating the global broadband market, with the technologies now servicing 77% of fixed subscriptions", according to new figures.