CommsWire - 9 July 2018

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Southern Cross Cables ready for Next Sydney landfall
Southern Cross Cables has completed the Sydney bore for its Next subsea cable and finalised a deal that makes fibre network operator Superloop a direct customer.

NBN users too scared to switch providers
Users of the National Broadband Network are too scared to switch ISPs, sticking with their current network provider despite the possibility of saving up to $500 by switching providers, according to a newly published report.

Huawei wins deal for $136m WA rail services upgrade
The Australian arm of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has been awarded a contract to build and maintain digital radio services that would provide voice and data services across the rail network in Perth.

NZ decides to retain power to regulate mobile roaming
The New Zealand Commerce Commission has taken a preliminary decision to retain the power to regulate mobile roaming in the country, in the event that it is required in future.

Stronger protections for telecoms consumers under consideration
A stronger protection code for telecommunications consumers has been released in a move designed to improve customer service for telco users across Australia.