CommsWire - 10 July 2018

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NNNCo leads digital transformation of City of Lake Macquarie
The City of Lake Macquarie in regional NSW is set to become the first Australian local government area to create a smart city network equivalent to the size of 23 Sydney local government areas.

Telcos get guidance from ACMA on giving info to customers
Hard on the heels of the release of a stronger protection code for telecommunications consumers, Australia’s telcos now have a guide from the ACMA explaining how to give their customers better information about moving to the NBN.

Telstra's Group MD of Networks, Mike Wright, stepping down
The man with the Wright stuff at Telstra since 1980, who worked his way up the ranks to manage what is soon to become Telstra's 5G network is set to step down at the end of September.
Spark in hot water over customer billing issues
New Zealand’s largest telco Spark has been charged with making false or misleading representations over its billing procedures and offering $100 to new customers.

‘Promising year’ for Aussie networking infrastructure market
Good year-on-year growth by the networking infrastructure market in Australia may deliver a promising year for networking vendors, according to a new report from market analysts IDC.