CommsWire - 3 August 2018

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Telcos face tough times adapting to market changes: report
Global telecommunications companies are under intense pressure to adapt in a rapidly changing market, as they face dramatic changes in the political, business, and economic environment and the accelerating pace of technological innovation, according to a new risk report.

No Optus: telco hit by mobile outage once again
Optus mobile customers were hit by an outage from early Friday morning, with the telco saying that the issue had been fixed within a couple of hours.

Analysts cast doubt on whether 5G is all hype and won’t deliver
The ‘race to 5G’ and the hype around the mobile technology has led one global analyst firm to question what 5G will deliver to consumers beyond simply increased download speeds.

Optus secures UEFA Champions League, Super Cup and Europa League rights
Optus is increasing its premium football content, "demonstrating its commitment to becoming to home of premium football" with the acquisition of Australian broadcast and transmission rights to three major UEFA leagues for the next three years.

Three-fourths of Britons cannot live without their smartphones
Seventy-eight percent of Britons say they cannot live without their smartphones while 71% say they never turn it off, a report from the UK's Office of Communications covering the last decade says.