CommsWire - 11 September 2018

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Huawei issues joint statement with UL over findings of benchmark 'cheating'
Getting phones to run at faster speeds when benchmark software is detected is what Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has been discovered doing, with the tech maker fessing up and issuing a statement.

OVO goes into bat for badminton on OVOPlay covering all distribution channels
They don't call it goodminton, but MVNO OVO Mobile getting badminton rights for its OVOPlay streaming service is no bad thing at all.

Catch Connect offers double-data deal on 90-day plans
It's yet another deal for "new customers only", which means MVNO Catch Connect needs to think about doing a deal or two for current customers too, but the deals are nevertheless quite catching.

Harbour ISP wins iSelect ‘Best New Partner’ award
Australian family-owned broadband, voice and mobile service provider, Harbour ISP, has been awarded "Best New Partner" in the 2018 iSelect Partner Awards.

Vodafone upgrades rural internet connections for Pāmu in New Zealand
Vodafone NZ has provided "improved internet connectivity to over 300,000ha of farmland, allowing New Zealand’s largest pastoral farming company to run its business more efficiently".