CommsWire - 26 September 2018

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More than 5b now have access to mobile services: GSMA
More than five billion of the world's population are now connected to a mobile network, up from 4.6 billion at the end of 2015, according to a study from the GSM Association released at the United Nations this week.

ACMA expands telecommunications consumer consultative forum
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has expanded its Consumer Consultative Forum (CCF), with the appointment of eight new members.

Photonic chip to boost 5G networks, IoT and more
A university developed photonic chip, which you'd think would be visual, can "harness sound waves to speed up local networks".

Australia’s eftpos 'Tap & Pay' fast-tracks for transport
Australia’s debit network, eftpos, has announced it is "fast-tracking the enablement of eftpos Tap & Pay technology for use on buses, trains and ferries, following new consumer research that shows Australian commuters would prefer to pay for transport with eftpos debit".

Uber launches 000 button in app for riders to 'improve safety'
Needing a safety button to call 000 in your app is a sad reflection upon the bad elements within society and their inhumanity, but even so, it's a good move from Uber to introduce it.