Board member nomination form 2019

Use this form to nominate yourself for election to a position on the Board of TelSoc (the Telecommunications Association Inc.). The election will  be held at the AGM on Tuesday 26 November 2019. A notice on the AGM timing and location will be sent later.


Preside at meetings, AGMs, manage the Board; set strategic direction; liaise with other organisations and authorities

Vice President      

Assist the President as required; deputise where required; assist Directors when appropriate


Handle finances, bank account, PayPal, pay bills, pay extraordinary items, reimburse for pre-approved payments. Handle legal issues, insurance and reporting to ATO, CAV, etc. 

Company Secretary

Call meetings; handle procedural issues; issue minutes and agenda; handle any registration requirements (liaise with Treasurer), etc. 

Ordinary Directors

Ordinary directors are expected to make significant contributions in at least one of the following areas. To progress these activities Ordinary Directors are encouraged to seek the support of other Directors or any Members of TelSoc to assist.


Manage the communication with members – both existing and prospective; verify database; identify opportunities; manage marketing to members; elicit feedback

Events and States

Facilitate and co-ordinate the activities in state groups or divisions; work with the Executive Director on nationals events; assist in organising activities with outside associations and groups


Keep the website looking current; upgrade and simplify capabilities; improve member experience; introduce apps and other ways of communicating; manage the website support and hosting

Communications and Social Media

Update the website content, LinkedIn and other social media with news on events, articles, people, blogs as appropriate; improve member experience; initiate articles and blogs and (importantly) facilitate Members and Board members posting content.


Only one nomination is permitted per member but a member may select one or more positions. A member may review and edit his or her submission or delete it. If a member is not successful in a ballot, the AGM may accept an application by the member for another position.

This form is only available to logged-in financial members of TelSoc (including life members and student members).