Overview of the Society


To promote knowledge, understanding and excellence in telecommunications and its applications including the digital economy.


  • To engage with all participants in the telecommunications industry in Australia including governments, institutions, businesses, professionals, employees and users.
  • To inform and educate the community about telecommunications technologies, policies and issues.
  • To publish the Telecommunications Journal.
  • To build an archive of information relevant to telecommunications in Australia.
  • To promote continuing investment in telecommunications education, research, infrastructure and services.


The State Chapters organise regular events for members, often in collaboration with industry and affiliated organisations.

The Society hosts two keynote events each year:

  • The Charles Todd Oration, in Sydney
  • The Henry Sutton Oration, in Melbourne

The State Chapters organise regular events for members, often in collaboration with industry and affiliated organisations.

Schedule of Society activities

Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy

The Society publishes the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy in collaboration with Swinburne University.

See About the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy.


The Charles Todd Medal is awarded by the Society for distinguished service to the telecommunications industry in Australia.

The Society, sponsored by Telstra, offers the Christopher Newell Prize each year for the best papers in the Journal addressing the needs of disabled people in the digital economy.

The Society is a supporter of the annual iAwards programme which recognises innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT industry.


The Telecommunications Association has its origins in the Telegraph Electrical Society founded in 1874 just two years after the completion of the Overland Telegraph Line which conected the main cities of Australia to the rest of the world. Since then the Society has evolved in response to the industry's growth through successive phases of industry restructuring: the introduction of telephony by the private sector (1880); nationalization following Federation of Australia (1901); the passing of the Postmaster-General Department's monopoly role (1902?1975) to the arms-length government business Telecom Australia (1975?92); and the introduction of competition with the staged privatisation of Telecom Australia's successor, Telstra, in 1991, 1997 and 2005. In 1935 the Society launched the Telecommunications Journal of Australia which has continued each year. In 1959 the Society changed its name to the Telecommunications Society of Australia (TSA). In 2007 the Society transferred its funds, names and IP to the Australian Computer Society and became its telecommunications special interest group. In 2013 the Society left the ACS to form the Telecommunications Association. (The ACS has retained the names Telecommunications Society of Australia and Telecommunications Journal of Australia.)

Throughout its 137-year history, the Society has kept industry members informed of new developments in network infrastructure, products and services, regulatory changes, end user experience and policy issues, through a combination of lunchtime lectures, major industry networking events, and the publication of newsletters and journals, most especially (since 1935) the Telecommunications Journal of Australia.




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