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Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy

The Society publishes the peer reviewed "Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy".

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The Charles Todd Medal is awarded by the Society for distinguished service to the telecommunications industry in Australia.

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Telecommunications plays an increasingly central and critical role in the fabric of our modern digital society.

TelSoc exists to maximise the effectiveness of telecommunications in Australia.





This presentation assumes that an ACS audience is familiar with the various forms of cloud computing and so, while it will briefly address what cloud computing is and why it is so important, its major focus will be on what we know to be happening now in the cloud computing space; what is happening across the user community in Australia; and what are the issues that government is considering in

Keith Besgrove


Tue, 09 Oct 2012 - 05:30pm AEDT

Welcome to TelSoc

Membership is open to all who have an interest in telecommunications, its applications and its contribution to the digital economy.

Early adopters have found the general case for cloud computing is clear; it's better, faster, less risky and less costly than doing it in house. But is it ready for the main stream business user and consumer?

Dr Rajkumar Buyya
Sundar Iyer
Dr Steve Hodgkinson
Janis Floyd


Thu, 18 Oct 2012 - 07:00am AEDT
Fig. ! - Cost comparison

Fig. ! - Cost comparison Mike Quigley's 2010 Charles Todd Oration, delivered to the Telecommunications Society of Australia in Sydney on 18 August 2010.


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