Third of smartphone users will spend 20% less on next device: survey One in three smartphone users will cut their spending on their next device by a fifth or more, the technology analyst firm Counterpoint Research says, adding that this was due to the reduction in economic activity across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

24th June 2020


Competition issues in 5G spectrum allocation under ACCC scrutiny Competition issues with the upcoming 5G spectrum allocation process are under the spotlight from Australia’s competition regulator, the ACCC, which has issued a consultation paper seeking public feedback.

26th February 2020


Optus launches 'market leading' 5G With nearly 300 5G sites switched on across Australia today, and 1200 sites planned by March 2020, Optus has also announced new 4K Ultra HD video streaming partnerships while reaching 'top peak home 5G speeds' of 400 Mbps.

6th November 2019


ACMA releases draft spectrum outlook for next five years The Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA has released this year’s draft five-year spectrum outlook (FYSO), with an overview of its spectrum management priorities and plans through to 2023.

3rd April 2019


The evolving M2M/IoT landscape cuts across diverse verticals and embraces a range of networks and devices. This diversity leads to varied and dynamic requirements, which make regulatory policy formulation a daunting challenge, especially the regulation of spectrum. This paper considers how a regulator should look at demand, supply, and utilization of spectrum. The study details available policy levers (e.g. spectrum fees, sharing regulations, License Authorization Model).

September 2018


Telco bodies, AIIA warn encryption bill could weaken Australia’s security The Federal Government's draft encryption bill could seriously damage Australia’s — and international — cyber security and, would act contrary to its stated aim of increasing security for Australians, a submission jointly made by the telco industry body Communications Alliance, the Australian Information Industry Association and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association claims.

24th September 2018


Turnbull's magic-mushroom NBN is slowly unravelling For months now, we've been told that fast broadband would be arriving sooner because of the change in technology that the Coalition Government decided upon, with HFC cable and fibre-to-the-node being the saviours of the project. Now that dream is unravelling. 

29th November 2017


Regional wireless ISPs concerned 3.6GHz spectrum for 5G will wipe them out  The ACMA?s tune-up consultation day for use of 3.6GHz spectrum for 5G sees telcos happy, but satellite operators and specifically regional wireless ISPs are very concerned.

14th July 2017


Government consulting industry on spectrum reform The federal government has embarked on an industry consultation process ahead of bringing in changes aimed at reforming Australia?s spectrum management system, a key part of the country's telecommunications and communications infrastructure.

22nd May 2017


ACMA starts discussion of spectrum re-farming for 5G; Optus says it will expand 4G in Canberra; Top tech firms get subsidy of US$2m per data centre job: report; Dr Simon Poole awarded TelSoc Charles Todd Medal; Nutanix takes flight with Flight Centre NZ; Census 2016: Only 58% did survey online, says ABS; 

21st October 2016