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Charles Todd and the medal in his honour
Help select the Charles Todd Medalist for 2014. Nominations are invited from financial members of TelSoc. Nominations close 29 September 2014.
Harper review calls for new competition body; Half the world will be online by 2017; Optus claims carrier aggregation first; Vodafone revamps prepaid offerings; ECONOMUSE 2014 review of retail broadband pricing.
Alibaba floats in New York in ‘world’s biggest IPO’; Most in iPhone 6 queue not genuine Apple fans, claims former employee; ACCAN warns on iPhone 6 deals; Happy birthday as AMTA turns 20; ADF eHealth system rollout underway; Cisco to acquire Memoir; Free Wi-Fi flower power at Floriade.
It would have cost $15 billion to shut down the NBN, says Turnbull; Victorian Police can alter data on your PC; Ericsson exits the modem business; iPhone 6 traffic alert; Wearables market to boom, says Gartner; Fast Internet on planes a step closer.
Ergas and Fels say increased copyright burden on ISPs will lead to higher prices; Optus 10 and Jabiru-2 satellites launched; Allen Lew back in Australia as new Optus CEO; Telco complaints fall again – industry congratulates itself; hey, not so fast, says ACCAN; Opposition grows to scrapping of community TV; while AMTA welcomes spectrum review; ACMA outsources numbering management; Morrow defends NBN rollout in Tasmania, signs new contracts; Quickflix challenges Netflix to play fair; 'J'accuse!' Kim Dotcom vs the Kiwi PM; THE ECONOMICS OF THE NBN; BT snares giant global contract with Glencore; ACMA warns telcos on compliance ; Cisco announces 'next generation' firewall; The Government wants to Google you; ACCAN launches digital business kit; and Telstra launches accessibility initiatives; Turnbull supports multi stakeholder Internet; Ericsson acquires cloud video vendor Fabrix; and exits the modem business; Victoria Police can alter data on your PC; Atmail picks Los Angeles for US expansion; Wearables market to boom, says Gartner; Fast Internet on planes a step closer; iPHONE 6 HYSTERIA
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Graeme Samuel AC
The shape of the Coalition’s NBN is becoming clearer, but what will this mean to competition? The market is in a state of evolution bordering on revolution, with challenges for all players big and small. Much will depend on how they respond. The regulators can heavily influence the outcomes for both competition and consumers; but should regulation be limited to ensuring the NBN is not able to exercise its monopoly power? The trick will be to not stifle the competitive forces and technical advances sweeping our telecommunications and media industries.
Graeme Samuel AC


Wed, 05 Nov 2014 - 12:00pm EST


Pyrmont, NSW
Dr Craig Watkins

Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) has received relatively little national attention to date as a serious technology option for the Australian NBN. In recent months there has been further publication of difficulties of FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections, with fibre cabling failure rates of the order of 30%.

Dr Craig Watkins
Ing. Kelvin Lillingstone-Hall


Tue, 30 Sep 2014 - 12:30pm EST


Melbourne, VIC
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Latest presentation media

From an economic theory in the 1950’s to eventual implementation beginning in the 1990s, Governments and their regulators have utilised increasingly sophisticated auctions over the internet decide on the allocation of spectrum in high demand to telecommunications companies.
2014-09-16 - 17:30 EST
A panel of experts chaired by Professor Rod Tucker on the Internet of Things. According to 2014 IDC estimates, there are already more than 50 billion globally connected sensors that can track, monitor and feed data to computerised systems. IDC foreshadows that by 2020 there will be more than 200 billion sensors generating an estimated 10% of data in what will be a 44 Zettabyte (1021) digital universe.
2014-09-03 - 17:00 EST

Over 10 years ago Joseph Pine & James Gilmour signalled the move to what they called the “Experience Economy” where customers seek unique experiences that are all about them.

2014-08-26 - 12:30 EST

Over the last 10 to 15 years, many Communication Service Providers (CSPs) elected to establish an international presence, extending beyond their home countries and acquiring new subscribers and rev

2014-07-29 - 12:30 EST
Nathan Burley presents a review of the Australian telco industry and a brief recent history from an equity investment standpoint. He will include the key product (fixed, mobile, broadband) and stock (TLS, SGT, TPM, etc) issues as seen by a financial analyst. Nathan is an engineer by profession and advises on telecommunications industry investments at CBA Institutional Equities.
2014-06-24 - 12:30 EST
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