This Journal continues the traditions of the Telecommunications Journal of Australia (TJA). Essentially the same Editorial Board that produced TJA from 2007 to June 2013 moved in July 2013 to create our new Journal, the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy. Looking further back, the Managing Editor (Professor Peter Gerrand) and Executive Editor (Blair Feenaghty) of this new Journal held those same roles at TJA for 19 continuous years from June 1994. The Editorial Board as a whole was responsible for sourcing expert authors on timely themes, and thereby the growth and success of TJA.

The context for their leaving TJA and starting up the new Journal, with enthusiastic support from the industry, is given here, and can be summarised as the need to retain editorial independence of the Journal and certainty of funding, both of which have been guaranteed by TelSoc.

The current Managing Editor is Dr Mark Gregory, RMIT University.

Our aims

Like its predecessor TJA, the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy aims to be the leading multi-disciplinary journal in Australia on telecommunications, the media and the digital economy, serving the industry, academia and government. It will publish in-depth, high quality, peer-reviewed articles written by practising professionals and academics: in particular

  • articles on policy and technical developments across the world;

  • interviews with the industry's leading change-makers and analysts;

  • book reviews;

  • and reports about the activities of the telecommunications and broadcasting industry in Australia, including historical research and overviews.

Contributors to the journal will include industry and government practitioners as well as academics. The Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy will cover technical, economic, social, legal and historic aspects of the rapidly expanding worldwide telecommunications industry and the digital economy which it underpins. The journal aims to put new developments in all these areas into context, to help readers broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of telecommunications applications, policy and practice.


The Journal interprets 'telecommunications' in the broadest sense, so as to include fixed and mobile networks, the Internet, broadcasting, digital content, and operational, regulatory and consumer experience. The 'digital economy' is interpreted as encompassing not just the range of services that can be delivered via telecommunications, but also the digitally enabled society that uses it.

Editorial Board

The members of the Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy are:

Dr Mark Gregory (RMIT University): Managing Editor

Mr Blair Feenaghty: Executive Editor

Dr Khandakar Ahmed (Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Professor Trevor Barr (Swinburne University)

Dr Leith Campbell (University of Melbourne)

Mr John Costa (John Costa and Associates)

Professsor Emeritus Reg Coutts (University of Adelaide)

Dr Heather Forrest (Australian Catholic University)

Professor Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney)

Professor Peter Gerrand (University of Melbourne)

Mr Jim Holmes (Incyte Consulting)

Mr Allan Horsley

Associate Professor David Lindsay, Monash Law School

Dr Murray Milner (Milner Consulting, New Zealand)

Associate Professor Marta Poblet (RMIT University)

Associate Professor Sora Park, University of Canberra.

Mr Vince Pizzica (Technicolor, France)

Mr Graham Shepherd

Our publisher

The Journal is published by the Telecommunications Association Inc. ABN 34 732 327 053 (TelSoc), with professional assistance from Nyssa Parkes of Swinburne University's Online Journals division.

The production team comprises Mark Gregory, Blair Feenaghty and Graham Shepherd.

The Journal ISSN is 2203-1693.