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Figure 1 ? Regional attitudes to mobiles

"Rethinking the Universal Service Obligation" - A report by Prof Reg Coutts commissioned by Vodafone Hutchison Australia. The full report is attached.

The end of TUSMA, and the ongoing NBN Co-Telstra negotiations, herald the ideal time for a drastic rework of the Universal Service Obligation ? shifting it to NBN Co rather than Telstra, and bringing mobile into the mix. That?s the view of industry veteran professor Reg Coutts, a member of the expert panel that advised on the previous version of the NBN. And with Coutts? ideas including the possible provision of more mobile backhaul in regional areas, this concept might just mesh with the recent arguments from some parts of the mobile industry.

Source: CFC Oklahoma via Daily Tech

Network Neutrality is a vexed issue in the United States and to some extent in Europe. What is interesting is that the issue until recently has seen partisan division between what I would call corporate interests. The issue is 'hardly neutral'.

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