Gayathri Kongara

Monash University

Dr Gayathri Kongara is a lecturer at Monash University in the Faculty of Engineering with technical experience in the areas of Telecommunications and Signal processing. At Monash, she established a new capability in the Electrical and computer systems engineering (ECSE) department to teach advanced radio system design concepts using hands-on experimentation on the software defined radio (SDR) platform. She is currently working on the design and prototyping of 5G  and Optical wireless systems  at Monash. Prior to joining Monash, she held a research engineering role at the Wireless Research Center (WRC) in University of Canterbury, NZ. At WRC, she worked on a variety of cutting edge industry led research projects that included algorithm development and receiver design for multi antenna communication systems. Her research interests include, algorithm development for 5G, MAC layer design, Optical Wireless and signal processing.

Journal articles