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AT&T global network backs up Red Bull Formula One team

Mobile phone operators under pressure to find new market opportunities

Which telco is preventing the introduction of virtual mobile numbers?
MNF's plan to introduce a virtual mobile number service has been stymied by the refusal of a certain carrier to maintain the 'any to any' connectivity that is a key feature of the phone system.

NBN Co to throw people at Sky Muster problems

Regional comms coalition to confront Canberra pollies head-on

Regional mobile coverage improving as blackspots steadily disappear
Mobile blackspots in rural and regional Australia are steadily being eliminated as Telstra, activates new mobile base stations in remote areas.

Telcos faces more broadband scrutiny from ACCC
ACCC chairman Rod Sims has served a warning to telecommunications companies that they face greater scrutiny, particularly in the area of advertised broadband speeds.

Telcos ahead of government but behind banks on service delivery
A new survey of consumers has rated telecoms companies fourth on a list of sectors that use technology effectively to deliver services.

Fifield slams Optus over muscular NBN switch tactics
Communications Minister Senator Mitch Fifield has told Optus that its muscular approach to getting its cable customers to move over to NBN connections is unacceptable.

IA has Morrow, NBN Co in sights over ‘derogatory’ attack
Laurie Patton, the recently departed chief executive of Internet Australia, wants a public apology from NBN Co chief Bill Morrow over what he says was an “unprovoked attack” on IA in Senate Estimates hearings.


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