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This paper provides a review of selected design and security aspects of 5G systems and addresses key questions about the deployment scenarios of Next Generation Radio Access Networks in Australia. The paper concludes with a discussion on the potential benefits of a telecommunications security assurance centre to improve the whole-of-life security assurance of critical telecommunications infrastructure and why it is important for the Australia telecommunications sector.

Papers in the December 2018 issue of the Journal include discussion on 5G security, what’s next for the National Broadband Network, a technical paper on the conflicts in routing and UAV autonomy, HTTP traffic flow load balancing and an insight into how the use of location information affects privacy. The history of Australian telecommunications paper on impressions of an overseas visit by a lines engineer provides an insight into how knowledge transfer improves with the opportunity to study telecommunications in Europe, North America and Australia.

Australia’s politics, insular policies and categorisation of fixed telecommunications as a natural monopoly have made Australia a global laggard in the provision of broadband services. The return of government ownership of telecoms infrastructure in the form of the National Broadband Network and the continuing lack of investment in fibre infrastructure highlight the political and policy failures.

A fascinating paper from 1961 contrasting the technical and general differences in providing telecommunications services in Europe, North America and Australia.

This work examines the implications of autonomous coordination of multiple UAVs on routing techniques and network architecture stability. The paper proposes a solution where routing techniques and UAV autonomy algorithms are integrated for improved global network efficiency for both ad-hoc and infrastructure-based scenarios.

This paper explores flow-based load balancing of network traffic on multi-homed hosts. The approach is a client-side-only solution, and can there­fore easily be deployed. The paper specifically explores flow-based load balanc­ing for web and video traffic use cases.

This article reviews law enforcement/national security access and use of metadata, considering the privacy impact of the revised metadata retention and collection framework introduced in 2015. The review reveals that, after 2015, no comprehensive study was undertaken in the following areas: how location information is generated and exchanged in the IP-mediated LTE network, and how mobile devices are tracked and create more precise location estimates, in the legal and policy context of the exceptions and privacy safeguards introduced after 2015; the discretionary powers of the agencies to use personal and sensitive information to identify inquiries and investigations to pursue and enforce the law.

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Despite US pressure, Huawei revenue continues to rise

Australia lags in take-up, penetration of FttH in APAC region
Australia lags well behind Asia Pacific markets like Singapore, China and South Korea in the take-up and penetration of fibre to the home/building (FttH/B) services, according to a newly published report.

Call for NBN Co board resignation over ‘failure to deliver’ on core mission

‘Credential abuse’ via ISPs main attack source in Australia

China tells Australia that 5G ban may breach WTO rules
China has told Australia that its restrictions on 5G technology are discriminatory and likely to have broken global trade rules drafted by the World Trade Organisation.

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Kevin's talk will outline the needs, challenges and solutions and explains how critical communications are integrating into the new standards and what directions and levels of integration we can see with other forms of Telecommunications in the future.

2019-02-26 - 12:30 AEDT

This MEMBERS ONLY event incorporates a sandwich lunch, the TelSoc's Annual General Meeting and a lecture by Dr Paul Brooks - Consulting CTO and Chair of Internet Australia.

2018-11-27 - 11:30 AEDT

The NBN has changed many times in complexity and composition, but it is now running at high speed and set for completion in the next two years. What does it take to get this mammoth task done?

2018-11-08 - 12:00 AEDT

This presentation will provide an overview of the current status of the NBN and discuss what the government can do with the NBN when the rollout is completed.

2018-09-25 - 12:30 AEST

There has been much discussion about the various technologies used to provide broadband access in Australia; FTTN, FTTP, FTTdp, HFC etc. However, there has not been much discussion about solving the practical problems in providing these services to end-users.

2018-07-31 - 12:30 AEST
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