Authored by Tim Herring

The Chairman of TelSoc sent the following email in August 2021 to the Minister, with the attachment text that is shown below. Dear Minister Fletcher, TelSoc has been working on various aspects of broadband and the digital economy for the past two years.  One of the key sets of issues that we have been seeking to better understand and to analyse over that time relate to inclusion and affordability...

24th August 2021

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Authored by Tim Herring

One of the many casualties of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic was the cancellation of TelSoc’s Charles Todd Oration in late 2020, a national industry event at which the annual Charles Todd Medal is traditionally awarded. The medal will be (physically) awarded as soon as possible in 2021. TelSoc has great pleasure in announcing that the 2020 Charles Todd Medal has been awarded to Paul Cross, the...

1st March 2021

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Authored by Greg Paynter

Dr Mark Gregory has been appointed a Life Member of TelSoc for his services to the Society as Managing Editor of the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy. Dr Gregory volunteered as Managing Editor for six years, 2015-2020, during which he published 6 volumes, 24 issues, and a total of 201 articles. Mark Gregory took on the role of Managing Editor after the journal had been...

20th January 2021

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Authored by Greg Paynter

At its meeting on 5 November 2020 the Board of TelSoc awarded Life Membership of the Society to its immediate past President, Professor Reg Coutts. The award is for outstanding service to the Society.  Reg was President from 2006 until this year, and remains an active participant in TelSoc affairs and ongoing member of the Board as Vice President. Reg presided over the Board for a long time.  He...

7th December 2020

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Authored by Craig Watkins

The NBN Futures Group launched their first major report "Towards a National Broadband Strategy 2020-2030" on the 24th of November 2020. The TelSoc event webpage contains links to the presentation:   The report is available as a PDF download: towards_a_national_broadband_strategy_2020_-_2030_24nov2020.pdf A statement...

24th November 2020

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Authored by Ian Binnie

Has anyone received a Zoom link for this event?

2nd September 2020

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Authored by John Burke

As Peter Gerrand has outlined in an earlier blog, the NBN Futures Project has moved in recent times from conducting the physical NBN Futures Forums to preparing discussion papers as the initial means to open up issues. The first of these discussion papers, Extending the Social and Economic Benefits of Australia’s Broadband Networks: Action in the time of COVID-19, is available here in pdf format...

3rd June 2020

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Authored by Peter Gerrand

Extending the Social and Economic Benefits of Australia’s Broadband Networks: Action in the time of COVID-19 [Summary of a Discussion Paper prepared by the NBN Futures Group. The full discussion paper will be posted separately on the TelSoc Broadband webpage.] Principal Author: John Burke     Achieving the full social and economic benefits of broadband networks and delivering measurable value to...

31st May 2020

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Authored by Peter Gerrand

The NBN Futures Project Summary: The NBN Futures Project, initiated by TelSoc members in February 2019, aims to develop policy options by early 2021 for the post-rollout NBN, to help meet Australia's needs for broadband infrastructure in the following decade. The project team has run three public forums to date and generated ten peer-reviewed policy articles published in the Journal of...

29th April 2020

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Authored by John de Ridder

Dear Bill, The NBN pricing model is in urgent need of repair.  In this letter, we offer our thoughts on how an overhaul of the pricing model can solve a number of problems facing the NBN.  We argue that the volume of data transferred should be the basis of wholesale charges for the NBN, not the bandwidth provided to the user.  We also argue that all users should have full access to the bandwidth...

10th September 2017

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