The Regional Telecommunications Review is required by legislation to be conducted every three years. 
TelSoc prepared a submission to the 2021 review and it was submitted on 28 September 2021. 
The full submission may be found on the Review website (on the RTIRC21 Have Your Say page) and a copy is attached here as a PDF

In our submission we emphasised the following:

  1. Longer term Continuity: The need for a long-term, strategic context and for policy continuity, bearing in mind that these reviews do not pick up the recommendations previously made or the progress with those recommendations;
  2. LEO Satellite Potential: The potential for new technologies, and particularly for LEOs, for the provision of regional and remote services;
  3. Inclusion and Affordability: The need for telecommunications policies generally to facilitate greater social and economic inclusion and affordability by ensuring that all people regardless of economic circumstances and location are able to participate in the digital economy and online society; and
  4. Regional pricing: The need to review the regulatory settings for regional telecommunications pricing, and, in particular, the differences between regional and urban prices for business broadband services.

The Review team is required to report to the Minister by the end of the year.  We will probably not see the report until it is tabled in Parliament in 2022.

Jim Holmes, President, TelSoc