Telstra launches industrial automation capability Telco provider Telstra has launched an end-to-end industrial automation capability following its acquisition of industrial IoT providers Aqura Technologies and Alliance Automation and joint venture with data science provider Quantium, entering the industrial automation market.  5G OI Lab partners with F5, GXC, and Spirent to develop enterprise Private Mobile Network platform

5th June 2023

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Two of eight online safety codes fail to provide community safeguards The eSafety Commissioner has decided not to register two of eight online safety codes drafted by the online industry as they fail to provide community safeguards to deal with illegal and harmful online content.  Thinxtra raises $5 million in pre-IPO funding Sydney-based massive IoT company Thinxtra has raised $5 million in its pre-IPO funding round.

2nd June 2023

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Australians fork as much as $1000 annually for broadband services  Australians could be overpaying for their broadband service by as much as $1000 annually with significant price differences between the most and least expensive plans across the board. One should do research if one is looking to switch to an affordable telco service, according to findings by money saving website Mozo. NBN Co offers new wholesale plan

1st June 2023

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Shanghai named ‘the smartest city’ due to cloud technology Shanghai has been named the smartest city for the second year again in a row due to its Suishenban Citizen Cloud, which provides access to 1,000 different services for residents as well as its strong deployment of 5G and digital twins, according to a study by Juniper Research. Geoscience Australia, Toitū te Whenua Land Information New Zealand deploy Inmarsat satellites

31st May 2023

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More young men are getting conned and blackmailed after sending explicit photos to scammers: eSafety Commissioner Criminals posing as attractive young women are scamming young men after they have sent sexual images or videos, blackmailing them for money—with sexual extortion reports tripling in the first quarter of 2023, according to online safety regulator eSafety.

30th May 2023

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Commpete fronts parliament to support co-investment for regional mobile Telco alliance fostering competition in digital communications Commpete has brought teams from Pivotel, BAI Communications, and Maddocks Lawyers to front the parliamentary inquiry into co-investment in multi-carrier regional mobile infrastructure. Singapore eyes ‘cancelling’ cancel culture. Could this happen in Australia? 

29th May 2023

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Netflix password sharing crackdown arrives in Australia Streaming giant Netflix has now implemented its crackdown on password sharing in Australia, charging more fee for users sharing their accounts. Scammers target Mandarin speakers

26th May 2023

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Subscribers may now report scams to Telstra Customers may now report SMS and MMS scams to a national phone number, telecommunications provider Telstra announced, as the telco takes stronger initiative to crack down text scams. Fire and Rescue New South Wales deploys Motorola’s Smart Connect to improve its radio coverage

25th May 2023

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Profectus Group to help Telstra identify overcharging Compliance and recovery solutions services provider Profectus Group has signed an agreement with Telstra to help the telecommunications provider identify instances of overcharging from suppliers. No more physical keys: Samsung introduces Digital Key in Australia

24th May 2023

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eSafety Commissioner and Queensland Police Service team up to fight criminality and harmful online content The eSafety Commissioner and the Queensland Police Service have joined forces to fight against the proliferation of criminal and harmful content.  Opera Queensland partners with Cisco and Data#3 to bring ‘interactive’ opera to classrooms

23rd May 2023

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