Xenophon asks why Telstra not facing queries over 5G gear source Former Independent senator Nick Xenophon has put the cat among the pigeons, pointing out that while Chinese vendor Huawei has been banned from supplying gear to the 5G networks, Telstra, which gets its 5G gear from a joint-venture arrangement between Ericsson and Panda Electronics, faces no such strictures.

13th July 2020

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Optus 5G home Internet is an NBN killer For a while now, there have been mutterings here and there that the NBN Co's vain attempts to raise its average revenue per user — which has the fancy acronym ARPU — will face a real challenge once 5G gets a foothold in the community and retail service providers decide to use it to challenge the government monopoly.

10th July 2020

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NBN Co turfs out 800 staff as COVID-19 surges again As the COVID-19 pandemic surges and again forces large parts of the country into lockdown, Australia’s broadband network provider NBN Co has announced it would be sacking 800 employees before the end of the year.

9th July 2020

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Video conference, streaming services ‘held up well’ under COVID 19 Steps taken by NBN Co and service providers meant that broadband speeds and connectivity held up well during May 2020 despite a big increase in the use of video conferencing and streaming services due to COVID-19, according to the ACCC.

8th July 2020

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Australia's broadband network in a diabolical position after 'completion', says expert An academic, who was part of the advisory panel for the NBN for the Labor Party, says Australia is now in a diabolical position as far as its broadband network goes, despite all the self-congratulatory rhetoric about how the network has been delivered on time and how it is holding up under the strain of extra traffic due to people working from home.

7th July 2020

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RTI, NEC complete Japan-Guam-Australia North Cable System Undersea cable owner RTI Connectivity and ICT services giant NEC have announced the successful completion of the Japan-Guam-Australia North Cable System, JGA North - with approximately 2,700 kilometres of cable which lands in Minami-Boso, Japan and Piti, Guam, and extends the cable's reach to both Sydney's Central Business District and Australia's Sunshine Coast.

6th July 2020

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Optus to launch ‘game-changing’ satellite in 2023 In what is claimed will be a world first, Australia's second largest telco operator Optus has contracted with Airbus Defence and Space for a new OneSat software-defined satellite.

3rd July 2020

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Alice Springs gets first Indigenous satellite ground station Two state-of-the-art commercial satellite ground stations have been built in Alice Springs with funds from Indigenous Business Australia, the first such facility on Aboriginal-owned land.

2nd July 2020

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1st July 2020

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Optus testing 5G mmWave technology with Ericsson, first call completed Australia’s second biggest telco Singtel Optus has started testing 5G mmWave technology with Sweden's Ericsson, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

30th June 2020

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