Modica in hot water for breaching anti-SMS scam rules The Australian Communications and Media Authority has deemed SMS-focused telco Modica to be the first telco to breach under the new anti-SMS scam rules in mid-2022. Nokia extends manufacturing PON broadband equipment in India

13th February 2023

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Telstra gives free calls to Turkey and Syria Telecommunications provider Telstra will provide its customers free calls to Turkey and Syria to connect with their family and loved ones. SkyMesh supplies free internet connection to 30,000 families

10th February 2023

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Telstra failed to provide assistance to vulnerable customers, ACMA finds The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that telecommunications provider Telstra failed to comply with its ‘priority assistance’ obligations. Vodafone offers free calls to Turkey and Syria

9th February 2023

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Wiz opens Sydney data centre Cloud security platform operator Wiz now has an Australian data centre, allowing it to serve clients that have particular data sovereignty and privacy requirements. Vocus acquires Challenge Networks Enterprise internet provider Vocus has acquired telecommunications provider and long-time partner Challenge Networks. 

8th February 2023

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NBN Co warns of midyear closure of medical alarm register With the NBN fixed line rollout largely complete, NBN Co has warned that its medical alarm register will be closing to new registrants on 30 June 2023. Tyro Go now available in Telstra stores Mobile Eftpos reader Tyro Go is now available in more than 300 Telstra stores and business technology centres. Optus beefs network coverage in Greater Bendigo

7th February 2023

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TPG Telecom eyes aspiring tech professionals  Telecommunications provider TPG Telecom has launched its Early-Career STEM program, targeting early tech professionals—ranging from final year university students to those with up to three years of industry experience. Netgear launches Wi-Fi portfolio for households

6th February 2023

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Optus switches new towers in North Queensland Telecommunications provider Optus has switched two new towers in Lucinda and Saunders Beach in North Queensland, which will provide residents network coverage for calls and download speeds. Kantar data reveals Q4 top smartphone performers

3rd February 2023

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6.11 million Australian households subscribed to at least one streaming service: Kantar

2nd February 2023

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BT and Stratospheric Platforms expand mobile coverage in new trial UK-based telecommunications operator BT and aviation and aerospace component manufacturing company Stratospheric Platforms are delivering a mobile coverage trial using new antenna technology mounted on a high-altitude platform station aircraft. Aussie Broadband delivers 400Gbps first in Telstra Wholesale wavelength services

1st February 2023

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NSW Labour proposes $2.5 million funding to study excessive screen and phone use among children The NSW Labour has committed to tackle problematic screen and phone use among children and young people and will allocate a $2.5 million research fund to uncover its excessive use if elected—a welcome announcement lauded by the Centre for Digital Wellbeing. Orange Belgium, Telenet sign 15-year fibre agreement

31st January 2023

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