Australian Government improving connectivity in regional Australia More than 80 projects funded under the Regional Connectivity Program will provide people in Regional Australia access to improved broadband services and data delivering fast, affordable and reliable connectivity.

19th April 2021

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Tangerine Telecom ranked in Australia's top 10 for growth South Melbourne-based national broadband network retailer Tangerine Telecom has been ranked the country's eighth fastest growing firm in the 2021 Financial Times and Nikkei Asia high-growth companies Asia-Pacific list.

16th April 2021

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A timely tropportunity: OPPO launches new trade-in and trade up program I've heard it said for many years that those in the trades make more money, with OPPO hoping you'll spark yourself into action to get a new OPPO with a more powerful chippie and much better specs, saving your eyes and your wallet even more with its new trade-in and trade up program.

15th April 2021

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Samsung Networks Business launches operations in Australia to bring next-generation 5G networks Samsung Networks Business to deliver the latest in mmWave 5G innovation, initially offering 5G mmWave radio solutions in both the 26Ghz and 28Ghz spectrums.

14th April 2021

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Aussie Broadband launches while label solution, signs up first customer Telecommunications provider Aussie Broadband has launched a new white label solution for major retail brands that allows them to sell Aussie’s Internet and VoIP services under their own brand.

13th April 2021

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Aussies spend almost 17 years in a ‘lifetime’ on their mobiles The average Australian will spend 16.6 years of their life on their mobile phone - equating to 5.5 hours every day or a total of 145,800 hours - based on the average age of around 10 years old that we get our first phone - and average Australian life expectancy.

12th April 2021

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Vodafone outage affecting 4G services across Australia In late breaking news (it's the last story in the PDF), Vodafone users have poured onto Twitter to complain of being unable to access data, or even make calls and texts, with Vodafone acknowledging the issue, identifying it and resolving it as quickly as possible.

9th April 2021

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Report: big gains for low-loss materials in the 5G market Materials used in future 5G networks will be different and more diverse and there will be rapid growth in demand for low-loss materials in 5G according to research firm IDTechEx.

8th April 2021

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Optus reaches blistering 10Gps aggregated throughput on live 5G site in Brisbane Poking fun at Telstra by stating "You don’t need Australia’s fastest 5G… until you do", Optus aggregated its 5G spectrum bands of 3500Mhz and 28Ghz (mmWave) on top of existing 5G spectrum bands to deliver "unprecedented bandwidth and speed."

7th April 2021

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LG lets go of mobile business worldwide Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people who loved LG’s smartphones enough to buy them in the quantities required to sustain great longevity for LG’s smartphone business, which has now breathed its last gasp.

6th April 2021

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