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Government launches ‘world first’ satellite positioning trial
The Australian Government has launched a GeoScience-led trial of what is claimed as “world-first” satellite positioning technology.

Yes, Optus too may need to refund NBN customers

Telstra agrees to refund 42,000 customers over NBN speed claims
Telstra has been forced to compensate up to 42,000 users of its NBN Internet services after the ACCC censured the carrier for failing to deliver the promised speeds that were advertised.

MyNetFone launches global toll free service
Hosted voice, data communications and VoIP telecoms provider MyNetFone has launched an international toll free service for business consumers, including the small end of town.

Laying of southern portion of Hawaiki cable set to start

ACCC announces public inquiry into NBN wholesale service standards
The ACCC has announced "a public inquiry to determine whether NBN wholesale service standard levels are appropriate, and to consider whether regulation is necessary to improve customer experiences."

ACCC cautious 5G welcome sees competition issues flagged
The ACCC says it is "rethinking the way it approaches spectrum competition issues ahead of the upcoming 5G auction."

Australian Greens says 'yes' to NBN Co debt relief
The Australian Greens says the NBN should prioritise the provision of an essential service ahead of cost recovery and intends to investigate the legislative options for a write-down of NBN Co's debt.

Can ACCC's new study solve the NBN mess?
Can a new report released the ACCC solve the NBN mess or will we just end up with 29 recommendations spanning a wide range of competition and consumer issues in communications markets?

ACMA puts Australia on the road to 5G with spectrum decisions


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