TelSoc Members, Please note we have been having problems with spammers getting on to our Newsletter lists recently, so I am repeating this edition from yesterday as many of you will not have received it. I suspect this will not be the end of our problems, but we will try to minimise any issues. Best regards, Tim Herring  TelSoc Exec Director

15th October 2020

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Telstra boasts iPhone 12 'deserves Australia's best 5G' During Apple's iPhone 12 launch today, Telstra's logo was right up there with other global telcos as one of Apple's important 5G partners, with Telstra to offer all four iPhone 12 models for "a powerful 5G experience". But what about mmWave 5G in Australia?

14th October 2020

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NBN Co and CSIRO sign new agreement to enhance future digital capability Wanting to work together on national research projects that combines the expertise and resources of both organisations, NBN Co and CISRO will strengthen research and planning for Australia's needs in the post-COVID digital age.

13th October 2020

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Telstra hypes 41% 5G coverage as site number 2000 goes live In the wake of the much anticipated 5G iPhone 12 launch, Telstra has scrambled to promote itself as the number one 5G provider in Australia, with greater than 40% coverage of the population.

12th October 2020

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Our industry has achieved a lot over the past two years, including the rollout of 5G networks and the rollout of the NBN plus its new initiative for FTTP upgrades. We need to celebrate those who make outstanding contributions to our telecommunications.

10th October 2020

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OptiComm announces ‘Australia first’ next-generation passive optical network FttP provider OptiComm says it is in the final stages of developing Australia’s first 10Gbps Passive Optical Network (XGS-PON) allowing residential customers to get a line speed of up to 1Gbps, and commercial customers to reach speeds up to 10Gbps.

8th October 2020

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Telstra touts its 5G offering as faster than ‘closest competitor’ Optus Australia’s largest telco operator Telstra has touted its 5G mobile offering as significantly faster than its closest competitor Optus, using a number of limited benchmark tests to back-up its claim.

6th October 2020

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Wholesale mobile voice services to cost less from next year A decision by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to cut the price of the Mobile Terminating Access Service from 1 January 2021 from 1.7 cents per minute to 1.19 cents per minute will bring down the wholesale price of mobile voice services.

2nd October 2020

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Optus claims first with support for eSIMs via app Optus is now allowing customers to connect to its mobile network using an eSIM via an app on their phone, claiming it is the first mobile provider in Australia to allow it.

1st October 2020

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Telco problems cost Australians millions of dollars in lost time Resolving phone and Internet issues costs Australians over $150 million per year in lost time, according to new research from Australia's communications consumers peak body, the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

30th September 2020

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