NBN Sky Muster Plus offers more data for VPN and streaming users Users of the nbn Sky Muster Plus satellite service can now access Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and video streaming for 16 hours a day - between midnight and 4 pm - without it counting toward their monthly data allowance. Previously all VPN and video streaming counted towards a person's monthly data allowance, regardless of the time of day.  

4th July 2022

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BEUC slams Google for pushing users toward its surveillance system An organisation representing 46 consumer groups across 32 European countries has declared war on search giant Google over what they perceive as the global company's intrusive surveillance activities.   ACMA lays out new rules to protect against consumer scams

1st July 2022

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Gladys weighs in on Telstra/TPG merger Former NSW Premier and now Optus managing director enterprise, business, and institutional Gladys Berejiklian says she's seen first-hand the devastating impact of floods and fires on regional communities and says if the Telstra/TPG merger proceeds customers will have less choice, be subject to higher prices, and be more vulnerable during natural disasters.  

30th June 2022

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Internet shutdowns causing damage and threatening human rights says UN A new report issued by a United Nations body has warned that government-mandated internet shutdowns are threatening human rights in countries around the world.   Ookla: Starlink is the fastest provider in Oceania

29th June 2022

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Swisscom switches to 100% Swiss-generated renewable energy and achieves a recycling milestone Switzerland-based telecommunications provider Swisscom has claimed it has switched to 100% Swiss-generated renewable energy, reducing its energy requirement by 80%.   South Korea, Malaysia star in 5G speed stakes, Australia a non-starter

28th June 2022

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SoftBank trials high-altitude tethered balloon base station Giant Japanese tech and energy group SoftBank has developed and successfully tested a high-altitude autonomous tethered balloon base station system in conjunction with US-based airborne wind turbine developer Altaeros Energies.   ACMA to fight misinformation, scams, and online gambling in 2022-2023

27th June 2022

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Russian mobile operators begin charging for SIM cards Russian mobile operators have begun to charge a fee for issuing SIM cards to customers when concluding a contract for communication services, according to reports out of Moscow.   F5 and Telstra strengthen their services and security solutions American technology company F5 and Telstra have partnered up to bolster their services and solutions.  

24th June 2022

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Seventeen telcos take a stand against domestic abuse and family violence Seventeen telco service providers whose stakeholders comprise majority of Australian families have taken action against domestic and family violence.   ACMA slugs Lycamobile with second fine over public safety

23rd June 2022

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ACMA warns Symbio for failing to investigate scam calls Symbio Networks and Symbio Wholesale, subsidiary of Symbio Group, has been formally warned by the ACMA for failing to investigate suspected scam calls.   Projected 1 billion 5G mobile subscriptions by end of 2022: report

22nd June 2022

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Interpol telecoms operation nets hundreds of arrests and US$50 million of scammed funds A worldwide crackdown on online and telecommunications fraud has seen scammers identified globally, tens of millions of dollars of criminal assets seized and new investigative leads triggered in every continent, according to an Interpol report.   Ericsson, Oppo, and Qualcomm successfully trial 5G enterprise network slicing

21st June 2022

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