Huawei: ASPI's anti-China tirade hurting Australian business The defence industry lobby group Australian Strategic Policy Institute is acting to ratchet up tensions Australia's major trading partner China and using funds it gets from the Federal Government for this purpose, more than $20 million at last count, the Australian arm of the Chinese telecommunications equipment company Huawei Technologies says in a strongly-worded blog post.

27th July 2020

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ACMA warns telcos for failing to join industry ombudsman scheme Four of Australia’s telcos have been warned by the telecommunications regulator ACMA for failing to join the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) Scheme as required, and that consumer protections are undermined if they fail to join.

24th July 2020

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Aussie Broadband fibre rollout bringing 10Gbps to business There's more to emerging telecommunications provider Aussie Broadband's fibre network plans than originally announced. Medium-sized and larger businesses will be able to order 10Gbps connections.

23rd July 2020

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Govt establishes Broadband Advisory Council to ‘maximise’ economic upside The Federal Government has established an Australian Broadband Advisory Council to provide it with advice on maximising the “economic upside” of increased digital connectivity for Australian businesses and consumers.

22nd July 2020

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China warns Nokia, Ericsson of blowback over Huawei gear China may exact revenge if European countries follow the UK's lead in dumping Huawei 5G gear, with the Middle Kingdom indicating that it may hit back at the Chinese operations of Nokia and Ericsson.

21st July 2020

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Selling NBN Co as monopoly definition of insanity: ex NBN CTO Selling the NBN Co to a private entity as a monopoly would be the worst way to ensure that the network is upgraded, a network expert says, adding that if the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results, the privatising NBN Co as a monopoly would definitely qualify.

20th July 2020

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Huawei says 5G ban showing in higher Telstra prices The Australian arm of Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies claims its warnings about the ban on use of its 5G equipment leading to higher mobile prices in Australia has been aptly illustrated by the fact that Telstra has jacked up its prices.

17th July 2020

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Britt: NBN price increases after COVID CVC boost ends RSP Aussie Broadband believes that the telco industry will either have to increase prices or reduce service quality once NBN’s COVID CVC boost finishes, according to managing director Phillip Britt.

16th July 2020

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Xenophon: Ericsson confirmed Panda supply in parliamentary hearing Former Independent senator Nick Xenophon has accused both Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson and local telco Telstra of "engaging in Olympic class word games" to avoid an inconvenient truth: their 5G equipment is being manufactured in China with a joint-venture partner cited by the US as being under the thumb of the People's Liberation Army.

15th July 2020

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Westpac, NBN Co, Cisco collaborate on branch tech rollout Banking group Westpac is collaborating with NBN Co and Cisco to rollout new technology in all its branches across Australia, as part of an infrastructure transformation program designed to deliver efficiencies and improve employee and customer experience.

14th July 2020

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