Problems with bills, service dominate complaints to TIO More than 30,000 consumers and small businesses complained about their phone and Internet services - with many complaining about problems with their bills and the quality of customer service - over a three month period to the end of September this year, according to the latest complaints report from the Telecomunications Industry Ombudsman.

30th October 2019

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Government readies for mmWave 5G spectrum auction The Australian Government has commenced the process in preparation for the auction of 2.4 GHz of essential spectrum in the mmWave 26 GHz band to support a “fast and efficient” rollout of a 5G network across Australia.

29th October 2019

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Dodgy mobile apps found to be on the increase The number of blacklisted mobile apps in the 120-odd mobile stores, examined by security firm RiskIQ on a regular basis, grew from 44,850 to 53,955, a rise of 20%, the company said in its mobile threat report for the second quarter of the year.

26th October 2019

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North America a global leader in 5G, says GSMA North America is one of the most advanced mobile regions in the world as a result of significant operator investments in 5G, according to a newly published study from mobile industry body GSMA. Vonage opening second Australian office US unified communications company Vonage is opening a second Australian office as part of its continuing expansion throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

24th October 2019

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Is Huawei really a threat to US and Australia? OPINION: The USA and Australia have both banned Huawei from government contracts. The reasons have never been spelt out. Meanwhile the company is leading the way in 5G and Australia will – yet again – pay more for inferior technology.

23rd October 2019

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2019 review of retail broadband pricing  There is a crisis in disconnected wholesale and retail pricing. This will be the last annual review of retail broadband pricing.

22nd October 2019

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Europeans close to 5G security agreement The Member States of the European Union are close to finalising a new framework for assessing the risk of 5G networks. FCC narrowly approves T-Mobile-Sprint merger T-Mobile and Sprint, will finally merge – maybe. The transaction has been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by a 3-2 vote, but some states have filed lawsuits against the deal.

19th October 2019

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Sunrise shows glimpse of the 5G future Swiss telco Sunrise is the most advanced in the Western World in its implementation of 5G. Its innovations show the potential of the technology. It will come sooner than you think. Telstra and Optus announce Google Pixel 4 deals Telstra and Optus have both launched their mobile plan offerings for the new Google Pixel 4 smartphones, each with a raft of offers to tempt consumers.

18th October 2019

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5G implementation ‘faster than expected’ says Huawei Leading European telcos have used Huawei’s Mobile Broadband Forum in Zürich to outline their 5G plans for the next five years. In Europe at least, 5G has arrived. Penn gets pay increase to $5m, union calls ignored

17th October 2019

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Germany snubs US over Huawei 5G ban Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies will not be excluded from the rollout of 5G in Germany, with the government stating on Monday that no company would be banned.

16th October 2019

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