AMTA Chief Althaus steps down after 15 years The chief executive of the mobile industry lobby group, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has stepped down after 15 years in the role following the organisation’s annual general meeting which was held on Thursday. Wagga Wagga firms wins US award for rural connectivity solution

27th November 2020

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26th November 2020

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The following news release was sent out to the press last night and will be of interest to members. Please note the links to the full report and statements from the Minister and Shadow Minister. NEWS RELEASE: TelSoc and the NBN Futures Group held a forum on Tuesday 24th November where Dr Jim Holmes, TelSoc Chairman and a member of the NBN Futures Group, presented:

25th November 2020

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VICTORIA TO SPEND $626M ON MOBILE COVERAGE BROADBAND ACCESS The Vic Gov’t will spend $626 million on a Digital Future Now initiative to improve coverage and broadband in regional areas, supporting businesses by creating new jobs in the process   SAMSUNG OFFERING $1000 OFF GALAXY Z FLIP 4G: BLACK FRIDAY

25th November 2020

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TELSOC FORUM: TOWARDS A NATIONAL BROADBAND STRAGEGY 2020-2030 A comprehensive report, based on 21 months’ research and consultation via four public forms has been presented at the TelSoc Forum on Tuesday November 24 with critical findings

24th November 2020

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Consumer complaints about telcos increase over quarter Consumer complaints to Australia’s telcos increased by 7.8 complaints per 10,000 Services- in Operation (SIOs) for three months of the July-September 2020 quarter, an increase over the previous quarter’s ratio of 7.4.

23rd November 2020

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Ex-officials close to Biden suggest US co-operate with, not confront, China A group of academics and ex-officials who are close to the Biden camp have suggested that the US co-operate with China rather than confront Beijing in many fields and also give Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies a role in the global build of 5G networks.

20th November 2020

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Vocus announces plans for IPO of Vocus NZ The Vocus Group telecommunications company has appointed financial advisers in preparation for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Vocus New Zealand expected to be undertaken before the end of 2021.

19th November 2020

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TelSoc calls for policy debate on NBN to focus on network long-term benefits Australia’s telecoms industry association, the Telecommunications Society (TelSoc) says the policy debate about the National Broadband Network now needs to shift to the long term benefits of the network.

18th November 2020

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Pandemic hits mobile services market in six months to June Lower numbers of international visitors and a drop in immigration due to the ongoing pandemic has affected the mobile services market, the telecommunications analyst firm Telsyte claims, adding that this fall was the first in the last decade.

17th November 2020

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