The Digital Economy Strategy was launched by the Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and the Digital Economy in May 2021 in association with the Commonwealth Budget process.  TelSoc welcomed the Digital Economy Strategy as a step forward in the process of developing a strategic framework around broadband development.

In August 2021 TelSoc made a submission to the Digital Technology Taskforce - located within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and responsible for further development and monitoring of the Digital Economy Strategy (DES) - recommending that the DES be extended and strengthened.  In particular, TelSoc recommended:

1.  Addressing Comprehensiveness as an overarching National Strategy, specifically by extending the      DES beyond export-oriented industries and government services to encompass a broader focus on applications development, widespread digital skills development, and strategies for general digital inclusion and affordability.

2. Addressing the need for cohesion across Government, Industry and the Community; and

3. Ensuring capacity to maintain continuity of the Strategy.