Let's cast our minds back to 2013. In the election campaign Malcolm Turnbull, as communications spokesman, said that the then proposed 3 technology NBN would cost over $90 billion. When asked after the election why they used that number, Turnbull and Fletcher admitted that they just made the number up! But they promised, their Multi-Technology Mix would deliver 25Mbps downloads and would be finished by 2016!

As we now know, the MTM solution will cost only a fraction less than the true cost of the original fibre rollout and will be delivered fractionally sooner and result in vastly inferior performance!

Why can't the coalition take a leaf out of the New Zealand brothers and allow a bi-partisan position of deploying fibre as much as economically viable.

Anyone who has worked in this industry knows that with a project like NBN, over time the procedures used to deploy a network like the original FTTN network will improve, in fact in New Zealand they have already seen dramatic reductions in the cost per home connected.

If we had continued down the FTTN track it would have been Australian companies developing these innovative solutions instead on New Zealand ones. 

The MTM has been a disaster for NBN Co. and will prove to be a disaster for Internet connectivity across Australia. Remember, it was Turnbull who said that NBN co would never need their own satellite, but now Sky Muster is providing high-speed connectivity to many remote areas, albeit with download limits.

On point by point, the coalition have shown themselves to be technologically incompetent. Perhaps chairing an email company doesn't make you a tech guru after all!