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Wednesday, 24th November 2021

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TelSoc's SA Chapter is pleased to advise of another Joint Technical program presentation on Renewable Energy.

Registration is via Eventbrite:

Please be aware that our understanding is that this event is scheduled for 5:30 - 7:00pm ACDT (Adelaide time), as per the Eventbrite listing. The flyer listing ACST is assumed in error.


The Joint Technical Program encompasses TelSoc, IEEE, IET, Engineers Australia, IEEE Power and Energy, and the University of South Australia.


Two talks are included in this presentation session:


Talk 1: Neoen’s Upcoming Renewable Energy Projects for South Australia
by Ms Megan Ward, State Leader, South Australia, Neoen Australia

Presentation Synopsis:
Neoen is an Independent Power Producer specializing in large-scale renewable energy projects, which includes large-scale wind, solar, and storage projects. In addition, Neoen is exploring future opportunities in hydrogen - particularly here in South Australia. Currently, Neoen’s total capacity in operation and under construction is over 4.8 GW, and it aims for more than 10 GW by 2025. This presentation will provide an update on Neoen’s upcoming renewable energy and hydrogen projects with a focus on South Australia. It will also discuss the broad context of some international projects of Neoen.


Talk 2: The foundations of a renewable energy system - understanding load requirements and energy modelling for Off-Grid Applications
by Sean LePoidevin, Strategy and Development, Apex Energy Australia

Presentation Synopsis:
One of the most overlooked tasks of implementing a successful renewable off-grid system is the accurate load assessment of a property or application. Incorrect calculations or missing data can lead to oversizing or under-sizing of the equipment resulting in poor financial outcomes or worse, unreliable power supply. This presentation will cover a basic introduction to energy load assessment and modelling, including data collection, energy and power calculations and how this information is used to select appropriate solar, battery and inverter equipment for an off-grid system.

Date and Time

Wed, 24 Nov 2021

18:00 - 19:30 ACDT


Ground Floor Lecture Theatre, Eleanor Harrald Building
Lot Fourteen
Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5006


Megan Ward

Ms Megan Ward, State Leader, South Australia, Neoen Australia

Megan has more than 10 years of professional experience in the energy sector, which has included policy development and project implementation across energy efficiency, renewables and storage in both private and public organisations. As Neoen’s State Leader for South Australia, Megan is responsible for the development of the company’s South Australian portfolio of new renewable energy projects. This includes large scale wind, solar and storage projects as well as the investigation of opportunities to include new technology such as hydrogen. Prior to joining Neoen,
Megan managed the ACT Government’s Energy Projects unit—where she was responsible for delivering the Territory’s 100 per cent renewable electricity target and world-leading distributed battery storage and industry development initiatives.

Sean LePoidevin

Sean LePoidevin, Strategy and Development, Apex Energy Australia

Sean is a passionate off-grid solar specialist and entrepreneur with deep experience in the renewable off-grid solar industry. The co-founder and director (8yrs) of one of Australia's largest off-grid solar companies has provided Sean with strong knowledge and competency in all aspects of off-grid solar systems and business management. He has successfully delivered off-grid projects from 1kW-500kW PV capacities in challenging locations, across Australia and Asia-Pacific markets. Sean holds a Bachelor of International Studies from the University of Adelaide and Australian qualifications for the design and installation of standalone power systems. Sean's current roles include Strategy and Development with Adelaide based Apex Energy Australia and the Australia and Pacific Regional Manager for German Renewable Company, BOS-ag.