Privacy groups slam COAG over face recognition database Major privacy organisations in Australia have condemned the decision by the Council of Australian Governments to agree to hand over drivers' licence photos for the creation of a national facial recognition database.

9th October 2017


Rural telco lobby group welcomes move to pass broadband reforms The telecommunications lobby group, Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition, has welcomed the decision by a Senate committee to recommend passage of the Telecommunications Reform Package.

11th September 2017


Telstra takes big hit to revenue, profits in 2017 Telstra has seen a big drop in both its revenue and profits for the financial year 2017 compared to the previous year, according to full-year results released yesterday.

18th August 2017


Telcos willing to pay more for 5G: Gartner survey The telecommunications industry is prepared to pay more for 5G mobile capabilities than they are willing to pay for 4G, according to a newly published global survey. Contention ratios alone 'not enough to judge ISP' Contention ratios alone would not be enough for consumers to make a judgement as to which ISP would provide sufficient bandwidth for their needs, an academic claims.

11th August 2017


Full-fibre NBN will cost about as much as FttDP: experts Switching the national broadband network to using fibre-to-the-distribution-point technology is an interim solution; the correct solution, which will cost about the same, is to go full fibre.

25th July 2017


Fifield predicts 5G revolution for Australia, ignores NBN At a telecoms conference yesterday, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield in a keynote address predicted 5G?s imminent arrival will herald a truly revolutionary inflection point for the entire Australian economy but didn?t mention the NBN.

21st July 2017


Fixed broadband costs push Australia back in digital readiness The cost of fixed broadband is cited as the main reason why Australia has slipped two places to 18th on the World Economic Forum?s Networked Readiness Index. A total of 139 countries were surveyed.

6th July 2017


A software-defined radio implementation of polynomial cancellation coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (PCC-OFDM)  is presented in this paper. Based on the comparative results obtained on the hardware platform, the properties of PCC-OFDM make it a suitable candidate for consideration in future 55G applications requiring robust performance in asynchronous environments with minimal out of band spectral emissions.

June 2017


Mobile roaming regulation would deliver $658 million in consumer savings: VHA Australian mobile users could benefit to the tune of $658 million in savings every year if domestic roaming services are regulated, according to a new independent study by a London-based economic group commissioned by Vodafone Hutchison Australia.

26th June 2017


Productivity Commission calls for winding up of USO by 2020 The much-criticised telecoms industry Universal Service Obligation (USO) finally looks set for the scrapheap, with the Productivity Commission recommending to the Federal Government the winding up of the program by 2020.

20th June 2017