5.3 billion phones to be junked as waste in 2022 Of the astonishing number of 16 billion mobile phones possessed worldwide, an equally astonishing number of 5.3 billion will be junked by their owners and end up as waste destined for landfills in 2022

19th October 2022


Internet shutdowns causing damage and threatening human rights says UN A new report issued by a United Nations body has warned that government-mandated internet shutdowns are threatening human rights in countries around the world.   Ookla: Starlink is the fastest provider in Oceania

29th June 2022


Internet began 50 years ago today in US On 29 October 1969 the first message was transmitted over ARPANET, the forerunner to the Internet. UCLA student programmer Charlie Kline used the University’s SDS Sigma 7 computer to login to an SDS 940 computer at Stanford Research Institute at Stanford University in Silicon Valley.

31st October 2019


Internet services overtake mobile services as complaints leader Complaints about internet services replaced complaints over mobile services as the most complained about service type in the last financial year, according to the latest Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman report.

26th September 2019


US 5G equipment move 'could hit' Nokia, Ericsson operations Telecommunications equipment vendors Nokia and Ericsson may be forced to move a good part of their operations out of China if a proposed move by the US, to make it mandatory that an 5G equipment used within the country be designed and made outside China, comes into force.

25th June 2019


Despite a considerable increase in Internet capacity, regional congestion is still an issue at certain times of day. We therefore investigate a scheme that allows end-users to selectively exploit a sequence of mini-tunnels along a path from their origin to a chosen destination. Such tunnels can be advertised centrally through a broker, with the cooperation of the Autonomous System (AS) domain operators, similar to a driver choosing to use a toll road to avoid potential congestion.

April 2019


Telstra BGP routing error hits other Australian ISPs Australia's biggest telco Telstra took down part of the Internet in the country on Thursday morning due to a stuff-up with the routes it advertised through the border gateway protocol. The company claims a third party was responsible for the error.

17th November 2018


ACCC reports third of NBN users now on 'higher speed plans' Residential broadband customers "continue to shift to higher speed NBN plans, with more than one third of all NBN services now on 50Mbps plans, according to the ACCC’s tenth quarterly Wholesale Market Indicators Report released today".

13th August 2018


Comms market operating ?competitively? despite concentration: ACCC The competition watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), says Australia?s market for broadband and voice services is operating competitively despite the levels of market concentration.

6th April 2018


Australian Internet usage on a tear: ABS The latest Internet stats from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have arrived, and on the major metrics on usage and download, the numbers are all up.

4th April 2018