Huawei slams Turnbull for linking cyber attacks to 5G ban Huawei Australia has hit back at claims by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in the Australian Financial Review, labelling the claim as an attempt to justify his government’s ban on Huawei “delivering the world’s best 5G in Australia”.

23rd June 2020


Budde calls on govt to issue plan for next stage of NBN The Federal Government needs to draft a statement of expectation as to what it expects to happen to the national broadband network next, after the network rollout is officially over at the end of the month, veteran telecommunications analyst Paul Budde says, adding that otherwise Australia will continue to languish in the broadband wilderness.

22nd June 2020


Complaints about faulty phones, Internet services dominate TIO report Residential consumers and small businesses made 32,441 complaints about phone and internet services to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) over three months between January to March this year - with a massive 70% of the complaints coming from users not having a working phone or Internet service.

20th May 2020


Huawei chief offers to share technology with Western firm Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technology has expressed its willingness to sell its 5G technology to a Western company and allow the latter to develop it as it wished, while the Chinese firm continued on its own chosen path.

14th September 2019


Optus staff told to please customers or face sack: report The head of Australia's second biggest telecommunications company has told staff that they would be fired if they upset customers, a report claims. China’s Zhao re-elected to ITU top job China’s top telecoms providers may be in the US Government’s bad books but the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has re-elected China’s Houlin Zhao as Secretary-General.

3rd November 2018


Vodafone extends 'endless data' to SMEs Small business customers can now take advantage of Vodafone plans that include unlimited — albeit throttled — data. ITU launches global ICT sector initiative The International Telecommunication Union has launched a new global research initiative to identify emerging and future ICT sector network demands beyond 2030 and the advances expected of IMT-2020 (5G) systems.

2nd August 2018


Vodafone flies high with Qantas pilot flight plans solution Vodafone has created what it says is a "one-of-a-kind" roaming solution which will allow pilots with Australia’s national and international airline carrier, Qantas, to do away with filling out paperwork or relying on Wi-Fi to complete their pre and post flight checks.

26th July 2018


Half the world will be online by end of 2016: ITU report About half the world will be online by the end of this year, according to a report from the UN agency, the International Telecommunications Union.

24th November 2016


This paper describes progress reached in the ITU?s 5th World Telecommunications Policy Forum and ICT Policy Forum, held in Geneva in May 2013.

November 2013


Itu Releases New Regulatory Report; Nfv Market To Grow 500% In Four Years; Vodafone Boosts Small Business Plans; Bricks And Mortar Meets Online; Hockey Moves Closer To Online Taxes; Telstra?s 4gxtreme: New Prepaid, In-Car Wifi Connection.

20th July 2015