The last two decades have seen a fundamental shift in the manufacturing, sourcing and operation of technology, which has raised concerns in state security agencies about the cyber security risk to government and critical infrastructure. Governments are now increasingly resorting to an approach of technology Balkanization. We propose an alternative to technology Balkanization by combining trustworthy engineering approaches with the use of a national security component we call a sanctum which...

September 2019


This study addresses Blackhole and Selective Forwarding attacks in the RPL routing protocol. Test experiments are used to provide a proof-of-concept of the validity that the developed Trust-based RPL protocol provides a comprehensive defence (simulation and testbed) against Blackhole and Selective Forwarding attacks.

March 2018


This research addresses blackhole and selective forwarding routing attacks. These are fundamental security attacks on the routing of data in IoT networks.

March 2017


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29th July 2015