This work examines the implications of autonomous coordination of multiple UAVs on routing techniques and network architecture stability. The paper proposes a solution where routing techniques and UAV autonomy algorithms are integrated for improved global network efficiency for both ad-hoc and infrastructure-based scenarios.

December 2018


Papers in the June 2018 issue of the Journal cover what to do with the National Broadband Network when the rollout is completed, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle communications, energy efficient mobile ad-hoc network communications and a historical look at the Black Mountain Tower in Canberra. With the completion of the National Broadband Network rollout in coming years, there will be an opportunity for substantive wholesale telecommunications reforms. 

June 2018


The ACMA seeks consumers to join its Consultative Forum; Game of Drones: sales figures to be up 84% in 2016 over last year; Android banking malware steals two-factor authentication passwords; Exetel compensates consumers over ?misleading? advertising; Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent acquisition closes; Lumia 650 - the last 2016 Lumia? - due 1 February; Three ?certainties? for rapidly evolving music streaming sector in 2016.

19th January 2016